How to Throw a Birthday Party on a Budget with Rentals

September 6th, 2016

  • how-to-throw-a-birthday-party-on-a-budget-with-rentals

    Birthdays are extra special. Whether you are planning your child’s first birthday or a surprise party for your spouse’s 40th, birthdays can be a mini-festival unto themselves if celebrated with the right spirit. Who wouldn’t want to throw a theme-based birthday party complete with costumes and fondant cake, lighting and snazzy decor! The reality, however, is not everyone can afford to shell out a grand for putting together a jaw-dropping birthday party, year after year.

    Plan Well in Advance

    This is crucial. When you try to do everything at the last minute, you are bound to spend more. Hence plan everything well in advance. This will also give you time to see what all you have in the house and how you can use it best for the party.

    Check out the location first. This is usually one of the most expensive items on the list. Even though your backyard is the best, but you would want your child’s birthday party to be lavish. In case your backyard is able to accommodate all the guests, try and make it perfect for the occasion. After all, it is convenient for all and easy to locate. And you pay nothing. Besides, you can also choose from a lot of things in your house that would be available for your party.

    But that doesn’t mean you cannot make a loved one feel special on their special day. With the right birthday party supply rentals, you can throw a kickass birthday party on a budget. Here’s how:

    Choose a Low Cost Venue:

    So, you don’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with after-party mess at your home or just don’t have the kind of space to accommodate all your guests, you can take the party away from home without burning a hole in your pocket. Pick a low-cost venue such as the local park or community hall in your area.

    Use Customized, Digital Invites:

    Buying party invites from a gift gallery or having them printed is so 1990s. You can make the invitations cool and cost-effective at the same time by creating your own customized invites, as per the theme etc., and sending them out via email or instant messengers.

    Choose a Theme:

    Having a theme not only gives the party a cohesive appeal but also simplifies your task of making a zillion decisions regarding the décor, color combination, menu and more. Once you have a theme, your choices are naturally streamlined.

    Use What You Have:

    You don’t really need a big inventory of things to make a party happening. A laptop and a set of speakers, for instance, is all you need to set a dance party rolling. So, before chalking out a shopping list, carry out a little scavenger hunt around your house to see what you can use to make the party more interesting and fun.

    Rent it Out:

    Once you have done everything possible from your end, right from planning a party to gathering usable from within the house, you’ll still need a boat load of things to get that party going. From tables and chairs, linen, silverware and crockery, canopies or tents for an outdoor party, décor items according to the theme, games and activity materials. If you go shopping for these, you’ll definitely overshoot your budget, and besides, you’ll have a complete assortment of theme-based party essentials that you won’t be able to use again. Hire these party materials, preferably in disposable variants, to put together an impressive party within the planned your budget.

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