How to Find the Best Rentals Company in and around Chicago this Christmas

December 20th, 2016

How to Find the Best Rentals Company in and around Chicago this Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, and you may want to get in the holiday groove with a bash for all your loved ones. Well, parties are always a fun idea but one that needs detailed planning and a little foresight to make it equally enjoyable for you and your guests. With so many rentals services provider mushrooming in and around Chicago, you no longer need to get down to doing every bit of the party planning and execution yourself. Given that one is spoilt for choice with so many service providers shouting ‘we are the best’ from rooftops, how does one pick a rentals company in Chicago that is just suitable for one’s requirements?

Here are a few smart tips to help you make that choice:

Know the Dynamic of Rental Listings Websites

For many of us, any search into unchartered territory begins with a quick internet search. Your internet research for party rental service providers is sure going to lead you to a rentals listings website. It is important to understand the dynamics of how rentals listings work to avoid getting lost in the maze of options. You could narrow down your search by proximity, user ratings and reviews, or suitability – that the company is offering all the services you are going to require. And then get in touch with them for more information, quotes on budget etc to finalize one that’s most in sync with your needs.

Compare Rents

The best thing about listings websites is that they have all information available at a single address. Make the most of it by comparing the services and rates of different companies offering Christmas party rentals in and around Chicago to make sure you get the best deal.


The last thing you want is to ruin your Christmas day fretting over whether the rentals company will have all the necessary supplies delivered to you on time or not. Before you finalize a rentals company, seek references from your friends, family or colleagues. If you are dealing with the company for the first time, it is a good idea to set the delivery time at least 12 hours to a day before the scheduled time for your party. Have a backup ready, in any case, so you won’t be left in the lurch.


When you shortlist party rentals service providers, flexibility is one of the top most criteria to keep in mind. Ideally, you should tie up with a rentals company that is ready to offer customized services as per your need, because you end up paying for things you don’t need when signing up for a pre-set party package.

Everything under One Roof

You don’t want to be juggling different rentals for different things, as it will only lead to chaos. If you are sourcing tables and chairs from one company, linen from another and décor from the third, you are pretty much set up for madness at the end of it all. Settle for a service provider that can cater to all your needs, even if it means a slightly higher fee.

Resident in Chicago and its suburban areas can rely on American Rental Association of Chicago to find an exhaustive list of rental service providers for a Christmas event. From a house party to a big community event, ARA Chicago has a list of rental companies of Chicago Area that can take care of a party of every nature and size.

How an Event Rental Company Helps in Event Planning

December 9th, 2016

How an Event Rental Company Helps in Event Planning

If you are thinking about organizing an event in near future, choose to go to an event specialist this time since they conduct a discussion with you and plan everything for your party along with providing the party equipment rental you may require. Whatever kind of party you are throwing is sure to be a success when you associate with such a group. Let’s learn ‘How’.

Maybe you have a big, spacious backyard at your home, and maybe you also love to party often. Well! Even if you don’t have one, you may be a party-freak. In both cases, you would need to know how to plan everything for a grand party with your friends. And this may freak you out, though only until you come to know that everything you actually need for the desired gala is available with different vendors in the form of party equipment rental.

How did that just sound? Great! No?

Well! Of course, many of us are introverts. But, we all love to be a part of social gatherings from time to time. If you are an outspoken and extrovert person, your friends would even more often expect big events from you. Be it at your own place or anywhere else. No matter if one is a businessman or simply a house owner, they may need to organize an event at some time to celebrate a big achievement or day. The bottom line is how to do so because it is a lot of work every time you plan an event.

If it is going to be a casual party, cool! You can organize things for a few people. But, if it is a grand gala, don’t worry. Since, several party equipment rental companies sit out there to assist you in everything. And if spending is an issue, remember that it is OK to spend a little once in a while on a party, because it lets you spend quality time with your loved ones. Hiring a party supply rental company, you can rest assured that it is going to be an unforgettable event.

How does a Party Rental Firm Contribute to a Great Event?

  • First of all, remember that a party rental company goes above and beyond their actual job to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only do they offer you event tent rental, table and chair rental, and all other necessary equipment rental, but also help set up everything with the help of their professionals.
  • These companies provide you high quality products in excellent condition. So, your struggle remains only until you find the right company.
  • No matter how much extra seating you need, the rental associations have it all and they do their job timely too. They often hold experience
  • organizing different kinds of events, including wedding receptions, anniversaries, company picnics, graduation parties, and more. Once you partner with a party supply rental firm, you can be relaxed that your guests will feel comfortable as well as good about the event.
  • Sometimes, associating with a rental company can also benefit you with their contacts with caterers and DJs. You may even get discounts on these things in some cases.

So, the next time you plan for a party or a special event, prefer going for party equipment rental option, which has multiple benefits for you. Members of American Rental Association of Chicago organize parties and offer complete rental equipment to its residential and commercial customers, which is why it is a popular name around the nation. Their professionals remain available on call or email.

Bring Spectacular Carpet Rental to Your Event: Walk with Poise

November 29th, 2016

Carpet Layer Rental Chicago

Often, while organizing an event, we take care of each aspect, but tend to flout the importance of carpets that can absolutely modify how your event looks. So, read on to learn how a professional carpet rental service can enhance your party, and what different purposes do different kinds of carpets serve.

Carpet rental has several benefits over buying and owning one. First of all, there is no limit to what size you can pick. It depends upon your requirement. And secondly, you can buy a new one whenever you organize a new event.

Choosing a red carpet can, however, always be magical, especially if it is a themed party or a fashion show or a corporate event since red is a symbol of class.

Pair the carpet with bollards if you want to, which are available in different forms such as chrome bollards, which stunningly complement the red velvet rope.

Fulfil Different Carpet Rental Requirements

Whether you want to buy an aisle runner, a full room re-carpet a marquee carpet or the wonderful red carpet on rent, the right rental company will have it all.

The Simple Charm of Aisle Runners

A wedding ceremony can get that extra touch of appeal with the simple aisle runners. These kinds of carpet rentals have no replacement when it comes to adorning the civil or church ceremonies. You can choose from a wide choice of aisle runners in terms of colors and sizes. Most of people prefer white, red or ivory, though. Whether you avail ones in whole colors or with color matched edging, these never fail when it comes to adding to the look of your event. Also, with different event rental companies, you can get them customized to meet your specific requirements.

Walk the Celeb Way on Red Carpets

Red carpets are traditional as well as unconventional. These are evergreen, though red. No matter if it is a corporate event, a wedding party, an entrance way, or any other special event, red carpets work for all, at all times.

Apart from these, hotel or cinema runners can opt for bespoke temporary carpets in various colors. From chrome stanchions to velvet ropes, you can enjoy the feel of red carpet in red or black color. Yes, black is the new red. And you must give it a shot. Because black again defines class, more than ever! If you want something more dazzling, go for the twinkling red carpet rental.

If you have dreamt of something like the celeb walkway for your event, choose Paparazzi’s. Paparazzi’s available with the vendors. These amazingly enhance your red carpet experience. It might cost a bit surplus, but isn’t it worth it if each of your guests is treated like a celeb. As soon as they enter on the red carpet, a Pap captures them in the camera. And the screens within your event even display the same. It would be an unforgettable experience, both for you and your guests.

Fully Re-carpet the Venue Floor

At some places, everything there is might be perfect, until you have a gaze at the floor, where the carpet is absolutely gruesome. What to do? Reject the venue merely because of that one thing? No. Because now, there is a solution!

You can totally make the event rock on its own by completely re-carpeting the floor of the venue. And it can turn out as even more interesting when you have an endless choice of colors for the carpet. When you go for carpet rental, the condition of the carpet is pristine. The best part is that these carpets are as easy to remove as they are to put on the floor. You will witness zero marks after their removal.

American Rental Association of Chicago has a complete range of carpet rental solutions for its customers at affordable rates, along with other rental equipment for all occasions like outdoor party, birthday, weddings, and other special events. To learn more about carpet rental service of ARA ChicagoLand, visit

Why Contact ARA’s Associate Companies For Thanksgiving Party Equipment?

November 23rd, 2016

Why Contact ARA’s Associate Companies For Thanksgiving Party Equipment

The occasion of Thanksgiving is here, and y’all must be all set to throw a dinner party at your place or at a place outside your home. It’s the time for turkey and pumpkins, when everyone in the family remains super excited to sit around the table with each other and some guests. But, thinking about the preparation for the same can get anyone suffer severe headache. And mainly, it’s not due to food or anything, but everything else – tables and chairs. The good news is that you can rent everything. Read on to learn how rental companies can benefit you apart from what you can do yourself:

1. Decoration of Your Home

If you have organized the party for Thanksgiving at your home, you would need to ensure that it is covered in the festival’s theme. You would want to make your guests feel at home and completely immersed in the spirit of Friendsgiving. And so, the best way to start with is to decorate your home such that it goes with the fall season. Bring home leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, and gourds, and everything that you can to add to those wall hangings and other decorative items. Apart from these, you can leave almost everything up to a party rental company such as napkins, table linens, extra chairs and so on.

2. Book Space and Let the Rental Group Do the Rest

Hosting a party somewhere outside your home is beneficial in every way. One, you get ample space to make all the arrangements, compared with the indoor space. Two, your guests find enough space to move around easily, unlikely to fall over or due to anything like the furniture on their way. Three, nothing limits you such as the number of guests you should invite, or the space. You can rent everything from tent to tables to chairs to linens as per the size of your guest-list.

3. Unforgettable Ambience

A Thanksgiving party outdoors ensures that guests get a new and more refreshing ambience as compared to that indoors. Indoor parties tend to restrict guests as they feel hesitant to touch anything or can’t move around easily. While an outdoor party by you will give them more freedom, they would also not forget the environment they will be in for the time, particularly when it will be professionally designed by your party rental partner.

4. Less is Not More Anymore

When you associate with an event rental company, another benefit that comes is that you get more than expected suggestions for a wonderful party. And here, this doesn’t irritate you. Rather, it acts as a bonus since your party eventually goes even well than what you thought.

5. Get in Touch with ARA Chicago Land

For anything that you need for this Thanksgiving bash at your home or anywhere outside, contact American Rental Association of Chicago (ARA Chicago) without giving it a second thought since ARA is associated with various well-known and experienced party rental companies in the country, which provide all the required things on rent at reasonable rates. Professionals with these companies also receive training to provide you decoration services. The services are cost-effective as well as timely.

4 Amazing Church Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Your Guests Will Love It

November 21st, 2016

4 Amazing Church Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Your Guests Will Love It

With the big day almost here, you’ll have decoration ideas to think about. The church is often the place that many people forget about, but you don’t have to. With these four amazing options, you’ll have wedding decoration ideas your guests will adore.

Your big day is coming up and now you need to think about decorating your venue. While the hotels and stately homes tend to take care of most of it themselves, churches are a completely different matter. Here’s a look at four amazing church decorations ideas that you and your wedding guests will love.

Get a Wedding Tent

Take your wedding slightly outside the church but still on the grounds with a wedding tent. There are plenty of wedding rentals that will help you get this. You can enjoy the summer heat or the spring breeze, and make your guests feel more comfortable—not everyone will enjoy the inside church setting.

The tent is there to protect everyone from getting wet just in case it rains. If you know you’re likely to have great weather, you could brave it with a wedding rental supplier that has an archway or pillars available instead. Do it all in the sun.

Dress Up Your Chairs and Tables in a Funky Way

Everyone tends to go with the basic table and chair covers for weddings, but you can step further. Pick a theme and dress the chairs and tables up with that theme.

You both may love comic books, so you can give your tables a character theme. You can add characters to the end of pews in the church or pin them to the back of the chair sashes. Take your theme and run away with the ideas. The quirkiness will be memorable for all your guests.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Look for a wedding rental supplier that offers red carpets or other similar items. This is perfect to walk down the aisle on, making it feel like you’re in Hollywood. You can even have the red carpet added just before the bride walks in, making sure nobody steps on it before she does.

If the red carpet doesn’t work and you want to stick with inside the church, why not have an archway to walk under right at the doorway?

Have Decorative Favors for Your Guests

It’s not all about the actual church decorations but items for your guests. Take your theme and build a decorative favor idea from them. You’ve killed two birds with one stone with this idea! Your guests have something to remember about your wedding forever.

Check out decoration suppliers to find out what they can offer to help with this. You may need to source the material and make your own.

It’s time to think more about your church decoration ideas for your wedding day. Remember that this is all about you and your partner, so make sure every part of the day is something you’re happy with.

When it comes to wedding rentals, make sure you check out the American Rental Association of Chicago. You’ll find the most highly reputable and recommended wedding rental supplier for your wedding decoration needs.

4 Important Considerations While Planning Your Outdoor Party

November 7th, 2016


You’ve decided your party is going to be held outdoors. Now it’s time to get things ready. Just make sure you consider these essential factors first!

Outdoor parties can be fun, but they are also a nightmare for others. You’ll need to make a number of considerations to ensure everyone is comfortable and can even make it to your event. It doesn’t matter if your outdoor party is a wedding, a birthday, or just a holiday weekend event. Here are four essential considerations while planning your outdoor party.

Can You Get Your Equipment to the Location?

You’ve found the perfect location; at least you think you have. That was until you realized that you can get your outdoor party equipment rental to that location.

Before you even think about locations, think about the type of rentals you want. Is there anything specific that the rentals will need that your locations can’t offer? Do you have access to electricity? What about access to water? Could you even get the rental truck to the location?

Most outdoor party equipment rental stores will be able to give you suitable location ideas. They’ll also be able to tell you the type of locations to avoid.

What is the Weather Likely to Be Like?

Sure, you want to have the perfect weather for your perfect event, but Mother Nature doesn’t usually work that way. With that in mind, you need to consider the potential for bad weather during your event. Your guests won’t be happy if they end up soaked—and neither will you.

That doesn’t mean you need to make your event indoors. You’ll just have to think about the other cover options. There are tents and canopies available to keep everyone dry.

If it is the middle of winter, make sure your guests are warned of the outdoor event and consider hiring some heaters.

What Entertainment Can You Include?

Some outdoor locations are perfect for inflatables. You’ll have all sorts of open space for bouncy castles, inflatable assault courses, and fun mazes.

Make sure you get inflatables that are suitable for the ages attending. The majority of them are made for children, but not all of them. Talk to the outdoor party equipment rental stores about all the types of inflatables that they have on offer to make sure they’re suitable for all your guests.

Of course, you’ll also want to think about other types of equipment hire. You could consider dodgem cars, DJs, and other fairground rides.

Are You Feeding Your Guests?

What about the refreshments and food at your event? Is this an event that is only lasting a couple of hours so you just need a few snacks and drink? Maybe it’s a bring your own food event. You could even opt for them bringing all their own refreshments, too.

There will still be other considerations you need to make. Could you supply barbeques for your guests to cook? Maybe you could have a hog roast to serve out a small meal. You could encourage a picnic event instead.

Make sure you have thought of the answers to all those questions. The answers will affect the type of outdoor party equipment rental you choose and the length of time for the event. When it comes to finding the best outdoor party equipment rental stores, check out the American Rental Association of Chicago for reputable options in your local area.

Mechanic Equipment Tool Rentals for DIY Enthusiasts

October 24th, 2016

Mechanic Equipment Tool Rentals for DIY Enthusiasts

Tools are an essential part of our modern day lives, needed to build, maintain and repair the mechanical world we live in. While some people have a handyman on their speed dial should the car’s exhaust malfunction or the central heating go kaput, there are others who like to take on these tasks on their own. Any DIY enthusiast would like to have a backyard full of an assortment of tools but these are often expensive to buy and maintain. Mechanic equipment tool rental is, therefore, the way to go as it gives you access to a wide selection of mechanic equipment and tools for uses. The many benefits of tool rental services include:

No Enormous Price Tag

If you are a DIY enthusiast, chances are you’d be using tools for a lot more than just maintaining or repair things. Do-it-Yourselfers like to build things from scratch. Each of this projects may requires a different assortment of tools, many of which come with a hefty price tag that may be hard to afford. Also, the utility of certain tools is extremely limited. That 170 piece tool set that seems so useful for a particular project will lie unused in the garage for months or even years afterwards. Why should you spend $200 on a tool set when it can be hired for a fraction of that cost?

No Maintenance Cost

One important cost that people often forget to factor in while investing in mechanic equipment and tools is that of maintenance and upkeep. The less you use these tools, the more you have to invest in their maintenance to make sure these don’t rust and wither away. Relying on an affordable yet reputed tool rental service eliminates this cost completely. You can have access to well-maintained and fully serviced tools whenever you want and for as long as you like.

The Assurance of Quality

The thing with tools and equipment is that these grow outdated with the bat of an eyelid. That prized toolkit you brought home after burning a hole in your pocket will be a generation too old as soon as a new variant is introduced in the market. Now, you cannot keep upgrading your collection of mechanic equipment every time a new variant is launched. However, a tool rentals company that deals in procurement and renting of mechanic equipment on a massive scale can afford the luxury of making quick upgrades. Sourcing your equipment from a well-ranked rentals company is a smart way to access the latest tools technology available in the market.

If you too are looking for the best tools to get a job done right, every time, rentals service is the way to go. And in the age of internet, one is always spoilt for choices. The American Rental Association of Chicago, for instance, provides people living in and around Chicago access to scores of   offering rental services of different scales. This wide selection of options makes it easier for you to find a mechanic equipment tool rental that fits your requirement and budget perfectly.

How Rental Associations Can Help You Find the Right Rentals for Halloween

October 24th, 2016


Halloween is one of the favorite American holidays. With the enchanting fall weather, all the costumes, trick-or-treating, and sumptuous assortment of delicacies, it is easy to see why the holiday has kids and adults excited alike. It is one thing to get all dolled up and head out to party for Halloween, but hosting one yourself can be a whole different ball game.

If you are planning a Halloween party this October 31st, a little smart planning and assistance from the right party rental store can make sure you set up a memorable event without burning yourself out. Here’s how:

The Planning

Even if you are going to go the rentals way, there are a couple of things you’ll have to put your mind to so that those assisting you can put together a flawless show for you:

  • The Location: Are you going to have the party in a graveyard, a haunted mansion, outdoors or at your own home? If you choose the latter, would you like to add a spooky touch to make the venue Halloween-y enough?
  • The Guest: Is it going to be an adult-only or kids-only party? Or do you want a mix of both? You need to have your guest list sorted way beforehand.
  • The Date and Time: Do you want to host the party on Halloween or the weekend before it? When will the party start and by what time is it likely to end?
  • Theme: Is there going to be a central theme to your party with related décor, games and activities etc. or do you want a more casual event where everyone can just do their own thing?
  • Food and Drinks: Do you want to go the traditional pumpkin pie and mulled wine way or do you want to serve food with a modern twist? Also, do plan to cook the entire meal yourself or will you be outsourcing that job?
  • Games: Are there going to be any spooky games to keep your guests on the edge of their seats?

Rent it Out

If you get down to doing everything from scratch, your Halloween event will only clutter your home and your mind, which just defeats the whole idea of a holiday. In today’s time and age, when time is a luxury and almost everything you need is a click away, party planning doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

Renting items for your Halloween party is a hassle-free way to get everything you need without the unnecessary expense of buying, the scuttle of borrowing stuff to put together a homogenous event or the ordeal of storing away the reusables in the limited space of your home afterwards. From Halloween decorations to costumes, chafing dishes, silverware and dishes, tables, chairs, linen, and even food can be all outsourced with the help of right rental services.

Visit American Rental Association of Chicago to find American Rental Association member stores in your area. The Chicago-based rental association has a vast directory of rental stores offering a whole host of part rentals, giving you the liberty to pick ones that fits your requirement and budget.

Top 5 Benefits of Renting Construction Tools

September 20th, 2016

  • top-5-benefits-of-renting-construction-tools

    Though the industry is not highly developed in all the other corners of the world, the construction tool rental business is particularly on a rise in the UK. Around 80% of the total machinery sold in the UK is meant to be provided on rent or for plant hire firms. Other nations see contractors choosing security over ownership, and they do not commonly see heavy equipment rental. However, if we pay attention to the benefits the construction tools on rent offer, it is likely that this industry sees a significant growth all over the world.

    Here are top five benefits of construction tool rental:

    1. Cuts-up Front Investment Problem

    Mostly, heavy industrial equipment are expensive and therefore, purchasing a digger or paver means a great investment. You may need equipment several times and it is obviously difficult to make an investment every time. Rental construction tools are a solution to this problem as these can be used without the need for making an upfront payment.

    2. Reduces Repair and Maintenance Costs

    If you buy construction machinery, it is again a huge investment for a long time when it comes to repair and maintenance of the machinery. On the other hand, you can save a lot in terms of money that goes into expensive breakdowns or regular maintenance checks. Also, you are able to get peace of mind since you are assured that the equipment will work fine and will be the most advanced one. Since, you take construction tools on rent for the time being only.

    3. Helps Deal with Fluctuation in the Market

    Several factors have an influence on the construction market, which cannot be controlled by industry participants. Therefore, it is wise to take construction tools on rent, which can be paid back in case the market conditions weaken. It is also possible to buy more of these if you win new projects or go in for some new work. Construction tool rental offers flexibility in terms of dealing with the market highs and lows.

    4. Depreciation Doesn’t Remain a Concern

    If you own a construction tool kit, which costs high, you remain concerned about selling it when it is the best time. Another concern remains to get the best rate for it. And you can’t deny the fact that you will always get lesser price that the price at which you originally purchased it. Since, the machinery value depreciates as soon as you buy it the first time. To save yourself from this issue, consider buying rental construction equipment.

    5. Choice of Equipment for Different Projects

    None of us knows what our next project will be. If you already own some machinery, you never know if it will help carry out an upcoming project or not. Maybe the project demands whole new machinery. Saving this extra expense is only possible if you buy construction tools on rent every time you take on a new project. It will help you accomplish the project using the latest technology while not making a big investment.

How to Throw a Birthday Party on a Budget with Rentals

September 6th, 2016

  • how-to-throw-a-birthday-party-on-a-budget-with-rentals

    Birthdays are extra special. Whether you are planning your child’s first birthday or a surprise party for your spouse’s 40th, birthdays can be a mini-festival unto themselves if celebrated with the right spirit. Who wouldn’t want to throw a theme-based birthday party complete with costumes and fondant cake, lighting and snazzy decor! The reality, however, is not everyone can afford to shell out a grand for putting together a jaw-dropping birthday party, year after year.

    Plan Well in Advance

    This is crucial. When you try to do everything at the last minute, you are bound to spend more. Hence plan everything well in advance. This will also give you time to see what all you have in the house and how you can use it best for the party.

    Check out the location first. This is usually one of the most expensive items on the list. Even though your backyard is the best, but you would want your child’s birthday party to be lavish. In case your backyard is able to accommodate all the guests, try and make it perfect for the occasion. After all, it is convenient for all and easy to locate. And you pay nothing. Besides, you can also choose from a lot of things in your house that would be available for your party.

    But that doesn’t mean you cannot make a loved one feel special on their special day. With the right birthday party supply rentals, you can throw a kickass birthday party on a budget. Here’s how:

    Choose a Low Cost Venue:

    So, you don’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with after-party mess at your home or just don’t have the kind of space to accommodate all your guests, you can take the party away from home without burning a hole in your pocket. Pick a low-cost venue such as the local park or community hall in your area.

    Use Customized, Digital Invites:

    Buying party invites from a gift gallery or having them printed is so 1990s. You can make the invitations cool and cost-effective at the same time by creating your own customized invites, as per the theme etc., and sending them out via email or instant messengers.

    Choose a Theme:

    Having a theme not only gives the party a cohesive appeal but also simplifies your task of making a zillion decisions regarding the décor, color combination, menu and more. Once you have a theme, your choices are naturally streamlined.

    Use What You Have:

    You don’t really need a big inventory of things to make a party happening. A laptop and a set of speakers, for instance, is all you need to set a dance party rolling. So, before chalking out a shopping list, carry out a little scavenger hunt around your house to see what you can use to make the party more interesting and fun.

    Rent it Out:

    Once you have done everything possible from your end, right from planning a party to gathering usable from within the house, you’ll still need a boat load of things to get that party going. From tables and chairs, linen, silverware and crockery, canopies or tents for an outdoor party, décor items according to the theme, games and activity materials. If you go shopping for these, you’ll definitely overshoot your budget, and besides, you’ll have a complete assortment of theme-based party essentials that you won’t be able to use again. Hire these party materials, preferably in disposable variants, to put together an impressive party within the planned your budget.

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