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Rental Careers

Join the $35.3 billion rental industry – the place where careers are made

The growing and dynamic rental industry offers exciting career possibilities for talented and energetic people like you. Whether you are mechanically inclined or your skills lean toward sales, management, delivery service, event coordination, office administration or information technology, there are positions available in the general tool, construction, and party and event rental fields. As a qualified individual, you can find a career path that matches your unique talents and passions – a career that allows you to soar with unlimited possibilities.

National Equipment Register

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mobile equipment is stolen from construction sites and farms throughout North America every year. Most of this equipment is never recovered.

Since 2001, NER has been developing comprehensive databases of equipment ownership, theft reports, and machine identification characteristics. NER’s services have assisted law enforcement in recovering millions of dollars of heavy equipment and greatly increased the likelihood of arrest of equipment thieves. Buyers of used equipment can now also request searches of the NER database through IRONcheck.

Business Resources

ARA has what’s needed for your business to succeed. Whether you are new to the rental business or have been running a rental operation for years, you know that you need the right tools to be successful. Rely on ARA to provide the resources you need to run a more efficient and effective organization.

For instance, you’ll find resources to help you with all aspects of your operation, from handling and extending credit, marketing to your current and potential customers with free Web-site hosting, improving your profitability and productivity with industry-specific benchmarking reports and business management educational tools to recruiting and retaining excellent employees, and so much more.

Education & Training

To be successful, rental businesses need an educated work force. ARA offers a wide variety of educational resources and rental-specific training that can help you in this effort.

Risk Management

Risk management is a top priority for both general and associate members. The American Rental Association and ARA Insurance Services help you stay on top of those issues.

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